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Summer Heat 2017 - Blast from the Past
Description Requirements

Select a theme from a previous year and build to that theme!


Rules from Past Years


2010 Rules


The premier event of Summer Heat is the Recreation vs Recreation contest. Your task is to either recreate a real life roller coaster or recreate a classic roller coaster design on this site that was made before 2005. A great place to get started on a classic roller coaster is by browsing through the Old Gallery. Any rides in there are fair game to be recreated. Of course you can add your own modern twist by using the latest building techniques. You must get your coaster approved before you can build so as to have no repeat coasters in this contest. Models that are already in construction have priority of course. A thread clearly labeled for this purpose will be posted.


2011 Rules


Count me in!
Anyone who likes math? Numbers? Counting? This contest is probably something for you! Last year there was the kiddy coaster contest, this year you can build any coaster you like, as long as contains 5000 pieces or less. This means you will have to count the pieces you use for your ride. When you enter a ride for this contest, you are obligated to show us the amount of pieces, if possible with exact piece list attached. Yes, counting may seem like a waste of time, but remember this is just 5000 pieces.


A new train of thought
The major contest of this year's Summer Heat is a custom train contest. Your roller coaster can be as small or as huge as you want, as long as you use a custom-designed roller coaster train. Inverted coaster, flying coaster, spinning coaster, 4D coaster, everything is possible now! We recommend you come up with your own train or car design, instead of using someone else's. That would definitely give you bonus points.


2012 Rules


Airtime Galore!
For the family coaster contest, we have come up with a special challenge. Since it is our 10th anniversary, we want you to create a family roller coaster with 10 moments of airtime. 10, not more, not fewer. And yes, hangtime is also considered airtime. Inversions are allowed, but remember that this ride is to be a family coaster, not a thrill coaster. The footprint has no limits, neither is the height limited. Will you make the perfect family coaster? It is time for airtime galore!


Classics reborn!
The major contest of this year's Summer Heat is a special one. We have a list of 10 K'NEX coasters from previous years. To compete in this contest, you must choose one of the roller coasters in the list. In essence, it is your job to build the layout of the coaster of your choice - in your own style. You can make elements bigger or smaller, or even mirror your whole layout. If you are not sure whether your choices for construction will be approved of, you can ask the staff. This goes for general and personal questions.


Summer Heat 2012 Classics said

Fireball - Coastercrazy10
Thunder Giant - TripleHelix


Stunt Flight - Knex-man
Furious - Mikecoastermaniac


Speed o' Fear - Jogumpie
Swara - Maverix


Challenger - Antinos/Rollerdude
Quantum - Coaster55


The Fugitive - Fastman XC
Jaguar - Westside7th


2013 Rules


Let's Play Tetris!
Remember this game? Let's try the same with a roller-coaster! You get one of each Tetris block made out of grey rods and have to arrange these into a footprint for your coaster. You then build a roller-coaster on top of it with a height restriction of 4 grey rods. Can you make it fit? Everything needs to fit inside the the shapes, including the track and coaches. Check the thread for the exact shapes: http://www.sscoaster...oaster-contest/


A New Way to the Top!
To complement innovation year we've got a very exciting challenge for you! You may build a roller-coaster of any size and shape, but you may not use a regular chain lift to get your train to the top of your coaster! Launches, Tiredrives, Spiral lift and Elevators, a couple of ideas to get started with, but we're confident you can come up with more insane ways to lift your model to a whole new level!


2014 Rules


Thread The Needle!
The small coaster contest will challenge you to build a coaster layout that passes through a series of structures. Each structure will support a set of rings. Your coaster must pass through each ring once. The structures may be positioned in any place or order, but cannot be changed or modified. You can view the tutorials for making the structures by clicking here for SS and here for VV.


Hypers o' Plenty!
The big coaster contest will challenge you to build a hyper coaster. Your coaster must feature a drop of at least 4 gray rods. Your coaster must also use a traditional chain lift. No launches, and no inversions allowed. And to add a touch of realism, your hyper coaster must include a minimum of 4 block sections (including station, lift, brakes, etc.). It's important to note that these block sections do not need to be automated, or even work, but at least four must be present.


Family Fun For Everyone
We all know that amusement parks cannot fair on large, thrilling roller coasters only. Cedar Flags Great K'NEXventure wants you to design a family coaster that is enjoyable to anybody. Needless to say, this ride cannot include any inversions. To be more clear, there is to be no banking beyond 90 degrees. For capacity reasons and because families can be larger than four persons, please use one or more multiple-car train(s). To lessen the thrill for the youngest and the oldest passengers, please refrain from using a launch track and stick to the conventional lift hill. Cedar Flags Great K'NEXventure wants you to have the station at the edge or at an end of the layout (like with the multi-looping roller coaster), so both rides can be close to one another at the same plaza. Again, there is no size constraint. Your design could be a 1 foot tall family coaster, or it could be 8 feet tall, as long as it is well-proportioned.


A Design For The Skyline
Of course Cedar Flags Great K'NEXventure wants an amusement ride that is not a roller coaster, because some people are actually scared of these speed machines. The park knows the members of this website tend to focus on roller coasters, so they kept an open mind and came up with just two constraints. One is that the ride should be located at/near the common ride plaza, like the rides in the other two contests. The other requirement is that the ride adds to the skyline of the park. While this is a vague requirement, technically speaking, it should be clear that, for example, carousels and other low-to-the-ground rides are not suitable for this contest. The ride can be thrilling or not, that is up to you.


Posted Image
Visual reference of what Cedar Flags Great K'NEXventure expects the landlot to be. Make sure your stations connect to the plaza.


2016 Rules


Summer. It elicits thoughts of warmth, water, and fun times in most of us. It's a time to make great memories, vacation with family, and relax in many different ways.


The beach is a classic summer travel destination to have fun in the sand and surf. Beaches & boardwalks played an important role in the rise in popularity of roller coasters, such as the Coney Island Cyclone. Boardwalks are still a popular place to be in the summer time.


For Summer Heat this year, we want you to build a beach/boardwalk inspired roller coaster or ride. Your ride should be inspired by a past or present roller coaster/ride located on a beach, boardwalk, or pier. We also want to see the beachy boardwalk theme with your ride. You will be required to state your inspiration when entering. There are no other restrictions.

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