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2016 Summer Heat

Description Requirements

Summer. It elicits thoughts of warmth, water, and fun times in most of us. It's a time to make great memories, vacation with family, and relax in many different ways.


The beach is a classic summer travel destination to have fun in the sand and surf. Beaches & boardwalks played an important role in the rise in popularity of roller coasters, such as the Coney Island Cyclone. Boardwalks are still a popular place to be in the summer time.


For Summer Heat this year, we want you to build a beach/boardwalk inspired roller coaster or ride. Your ride should be inspired by a past or present roller coaster/ride located on a beach, boardwalk, or pier. We also want to see the beachy boardwalk theme with your ride. You will be required to state your inspiration when entering. The inspiration can be a real ride or simply your imagination. There are no other building restrictions. Collections of rides are also acceptable.



  • Enter ride in contest on or before September 30th, 2016
  • Rides completed before June 26th, 2016 are NOT elgible for entry
  • To enter, select 2016 Summer Heat under Contests for the database entry for the ride.
  • Entries with a cumulative rating of at least 75% with 15 ratings will be submitted to the Expert Panel for judging
  • The highest rated model deemed by the Expert Panel will be deemed the winner
Please ask any questions in the comments below.

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Summer Heat 2016

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Everyone understand how to enter the contest?

  • Aug 05 2016 03:11 PM

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