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  • Gaboon
  • by pǝʇɹǝʌuı

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  • on ... Falcon's Flight (Today, 09:32 AM)
    Looks great, but I believe you could conserve more energy and have a longer layout if you could reduce the...
  • on ... Chicken Run (Today, 08:33 AM)
    Every kid's dream of having their own coaster!
  • on ... Stomper (Feb 16 2017 03:21 AM)
    That theming is incredible!   Especially the waterfall
  • on ... Kuzuri (Feb 15 2017 09:33 PM)
    An overview picture would've been nice, but it's elegantly primitive.
  • on ... Chicken Run (Feb 14 2017 09:12 AM)
    Wow! Incredible work!! Love the design of the train, looks very slick Thanks! It rolls very smooth on t...
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